Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon Week is October 24th - 28th at Cleora School. Join in and help us celebrate and promote being Drug Free and Bully Free!

"Celebrate Life, Live Drug Free and be Bully Free" - "Bully Free and Drug Free Looks Like Me"

The following are our dress-up spirit days for this week:

Monday 10/24: "Follow Your Dreams, Don't Bully or Do Drugs" - Wear your favorite Pajamas

Tuesday 10/25: "Team Up Against Drugs & Bullying" - Wear your favorite Team Apparel 

Wednesday 10/26: "Make Drugs & Bullying Disappear" - Wear as much Camouflage as you can

Thursday 10/27: "My Future Is Too Bright for Drugs or Bullying" - Wear bright Neon color clothing

Friday 10/28: "Cardinals Say No to Bullying & Drugs" - Wear as much Cleora/Red clothing as you can